Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Forced to crossdress on Halloween

Forced to crossdress on Halloween
“Alright, it’s already 2pm. It’s time to get you ready for tonight.” I said to my partner, Mark, who was lounging on the couch.

“Tonight? Are we still going… I thought you changed your mind.” He replied without much interest.

Typical Mark. He can be quite the handful when he is not properly motivated. I would make him pay for this. I had not told him about the fact that we would actually be hosting this year’s Halloween party, which was probably for the better as I did not want to scare him so early on.

“From now on you will address me as Mistress and I won’t tolerate any more back talking. Get in the shower and make sure to be hairless from the neck down.” I said in my stern voice, a tone very familiar to him since this is the way I talk to him whenever I’m wearing the pants and he is wearing the panties.

“Of course, I’m sorry mistress.” My now more timid partner replied as he turned the TV off and hurried towards the bathroom.

“Just report back to me whenever you are ready.” I added.

With my ‘soon-to-be-maid’ in the shower, I had time to pour myself a glass of wine and get some things ready in the bedroom.

I spent quite some time shopping for a new outfit for him this year. It wasn’t cheap, but at least it would come in handy even after Halloween was over. The whole charade about him picking his own outfit was just a trick. Only if he would have said “I want to be a French maid for Halloween” would I have agreed, since that’s exactly what I wanted him to be this year.