Saturday, September 12, 2015

Trying on her underwear turns into shopping for his own panties

Trying on her underwear turns into shopping for his own panties
“I had heard about men who like to wear female underwear and clothing, though I never thought Phillip was one of them.” Natalie explained.

“Through TV, internet and even close friends I had heard multiple stories of men wearing satin underwear. It all became clear that one time when Phillip was trying to hint at my panties by saying “Your underwear looks gorgeous, honey. They must feel so nice…” I asked him if he wanted to try them on, but he seemed a bit embarrassed by the question and quickly said he was just curious to see what they felt like. Well, my underwear is way too nice for him to stretch out and ruin for me, so the next day I decided to take him shopping.

In the mall we went to multiple lingerie stores to find some pairs of frilly panties for him. He was beet red the whole time, but I couldn’t care less. Once the sales lady had asked me what we were looking for, he expected me to lie. Little did he know that I had no intention in hiding his little desire. I told her that we were shopping for him.

I’m still not sure whether or not she thought I was kidding, but she was soon holding up two pairs of blue and black satin panties, asking him which pair he liked better. We got home later with two new additions to his underwear drawer and our relationship has taken a very interesting turn ever since.”