Saturday, September 12, 2015

Sissies love tiny, tight, little, booty shorts

Sissies love tiny, tight, little, booty shorts
Once we started dating I noticed that my panties were sometimes in a different place than where I had left them. I figured it had to be my new boyfriend, Luke, who was going through my underwear.

One day I deliberately left a beautiful set of pink satin panties on the bed, together with a matching bra.

I called him upstairs and asked him if he could fix the wobbly leg on my dresser while I took a shower.

I did walk into the bathroom to get the shower running, but I didn’t get in.

Instead I walked back towards the bedroom and sure enough I saw Luke holding up the panties, rubbing the soft fabric between his hands.

As I cleared my throat he turned around, his eyes like a deer in headlights, trapped and not knowing what to do. 

Soon I had him strip and step into these pretty satin undies. 

His face got as red as a tomato, just standing there in nothing but a pair of pink silky smooth panties. 

I took advantage of the situation by putting the bra onto him as well. 

The pink bra with black lace and the matching underwear looked very sexy on him. 

We were soon on the bed and I was on top, it was one of the better romantic evenings we have ever had.