Friday, November 6, 2015

Just a bit of makeup

Just a bit of makeup
"Come on Dan, Let us just put a bit of makeup on you."
"Come on Dan, you already look like a girl with all that makeup, let us put a wig on you,"
"Come on Dan, if you go outside everyone will know you're a tranny without letting us put these breastforms on you. Besides, we've been recording this whole thing you don't have much of a choice"
Then came the shave, and then the bra, and then he penis was tucked up and put into a bikini bottom. then camed 5 inch blue heels.
"Come on Dan, let's go to the town,"
"Come on Dan, smile look at all these guys who are looking at you!"
"That's the thing... I don't want them to look at me, you said a little makeup just as a joke, then you make my face look like a fucking barbie and blackmail me into continuing."
"Come on Danny, I feel bad, to make up for it we'll go shopping, maybe we'll get you some short shorts to change into.